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Trust-Based and Data-Driven Grantmaking: How to Find the Right Balance

As grantmakers shape their strategies and priorities, many are looking for ways to leverage data and build collaborative relationships with grantees. But too often, this is framed as an “either or” choice: either they can follow the data or center the community. These are not mutually exclusive frameworks. Grantmakers don’t have to choose between a […]

Accelerate your path to self-healing IT infrastructure

Find out how organizations are using self-healing infrastructure to reduce costs, enhance security, and reduce the burden of compliance requirements. Download Accelerate your path to self-healing IT infrastructure Whitepaper

Modernizing Financial Services IT with Automation 

A recent IDG survey of both IT and Line Of Business (LOB) respondents in the financial industry indicates they are largely united around automations role in potentially increasing business agility, boosting IT productivity and efficiency, and enhancing security and compliance. IDG polled more than 100 executives ranging from directors to the C-suite, with 56% in […]

Extreme Digital Experience Makeover: Contact Center Edition

Digital-first customers leave your brand for a competitor if you don’t meet their service expectations. And their journeys often start with a Google search or in other digital channels long before speaking with agents. Can your system keep up? If not, it’s time for a digital experience makeover.  In this eBook, you’ll learn: Plan your […]

The ROI of Smart Self-Service: Using Modern Tools to Delight Modern Customers

In the latest Aberdeen research report, “The ROI of Self-Service: Using Modern Tools to Delight Modern Customers,” access key data on the value of evolving your self-service solutions and incorporating strategies such as: Access the research to refine your digital strategy. Download The ROI of Smart Self-Service: Using Modern Tools to Delight Modern Customers Whitepaper

What comes after cashless?


When was the last time you went into a shop and paid with cash? More and more of us are ditching our wallets, and with them the use of physical cards and pin numbers. The pandemic accelerated the transition to a cashless society globally, but we have been heading in that direction for quite some […]

Will digital payments be the future for all? Here’s what top experts have to say


Over the years, the Indian government, public sector and private firms have helped digital payments gain traction in the country. There has been an accelerated financial inclusion with more and more people being covered under the Indian banking system. Government initiatives such as Jan Dhan Yojana, Aadhaar and Mobile number – also called the JAM […]

Stock Market Futures Slumps as Broad Sell-off Shifts Gear

Category: Planning

The rate hike plans in the United States also complement an approach that European Central Bank (ECB) board member, Isabel Schnabel believes will be ideal for the region. The outlook for the stock market futures is currently very gloomy as a new broad-based selloff has gripped the broader financial ecosystem. The futures tied to the […]

Enlighten XO: Accelerating Digital Transformation

Businesses are spending 100 times more on live service than on self-service, but when self-service channels are not working, customers are becoming frustrated. Digital channels are becoming customers’ preferred interaction points, a trend has that only accelerated with the pandemic. In 2020, according to Forrester Research, U.S. companies saw “enormous increases in self-service and digital […]