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AI, Automation, and the Strategic CAO

This webinar explores how intelligent processes in accounting can transform the role of CAOs and empower them to drive strategic transformation. Download AI, Automation, and the Strategic CAO Whitepaper

12 best practices in financial planning & analysis

Most CFOs are not happy with their Financial Planning and Analysis process, believing it delivers too little value and eats up too many resources. As a result, they often ask “What are Best Practices in Financial Planning & Analysis?” To date, the answers have been based on conventional wisdom, anecdotes, and popular trends propagated by […]

Accounts payable automation benefits

Learn facts and best practices by leading analysts for selecting a solution provider. Keep up with the times–and your cash flow–by automating AP processes. Learn how to reduce costs, save time, and improve visibility with automated invoice processing built for SAP. In this white paper from ReadSoft, discover why companies are evolving from manual processes […]

The Enterprise Guide to Audience Segmentation

Personalized, relevant and impactful customer experiences are built on audience segmentation. But the customer data that powers segmentation is often fragmented, unreliable or, worst of all,unavailable. To avoid wasted advertising spend, missed engagement opportunities and preventablecustomer churn, enterprise brands must build speed, agility and granularity into theirsegmentation strategies. Download ActionIQ’s Enterprise Guide to Audience Segmentation […]

Why CIOs & CFOs Choose BlackLine to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Disruption has put both CIOs and CFOs in the driver’s seat for digital and finance transformation. And the good news is that they’re in agreement on what matters: enabling the virtual, hybrid workforce is a permanent, not temporary arrangement. The ultimate goal is to equip their organizations to work smarter and more strategically in the […]