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Burgeoning blockchain pilots to prove value in clinical trials


Acceleration of decentralisation and digital technologies during the Covid-19 pandemic brought new challenges to safe data management. While current data processes are prone to duplication and need manual verification, new technologies, such as blockchain, are being tested the clinical trial industry.

Triall, a blockchain-integrated eClinical platform provider, recently announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to advance clinical trial data and study management. Triall’s blockchain solution will be incorporated in a two-year multi-centre pulmonary arterial hypertension trial, supporting all core trial activities, such as data capture, document and study management, and eConsent.

Simply, blockchain is a public and immutable ledger, or database, maintained by many individuals rather than a single entity, explains Hadil Es-Sbai, CEO at Triall. Blockchain can be either private, maintained by a selected group of people or organisations from sites, sponsors or CROs, or public, operated outside the clinical study team. 

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