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Five ways to build a strong fintech startup in a downturn


Chirag Shah is the CEO of Nucleus – a financial services fintech startup based in London, that harnesses AI and ML to power its services. The fintech offers a one-of-a-kind CRM hub called myNucleus, which enables introducers to upload deals, track their progress, and provide their clients with a decision in just minutes. To date, Nucleus has received over 30,000 proposals and approved over £650mn via the myNucleus portal. We posed five questions to him, to find out his perspective on the current startup climate.

What makes a successful fintech start-up?

For those seeking to establish a fintech start-up, I would define the key ingredients for success as being first and foremost the drive and ability to challenge the status quo – if you’re not offering anything new or innovative, you risk being overshadowed by your competitors in what can feel like an already saturated market. 

All innovation needs to be supported by first identifying the customer’s pain points. Once you’ve got this insight, it’s about building an intuitive user journey and providing tangible, ongoing benefits to the customer. It’s critical all the moving parts of the business are optimised as much as possible to ensure you are providing a real solution that fully meets their personal needs.

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