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Four Ways Integrated Payables Can Improve Efficiency and Enhance Cash Flow for Your Business


In today’s competitive business environment, it’s more important than ever to focus on your core competency. Performing essential functions like accounts payables can bog down any business, so efficiently managing those tasks can make a significant difference.

Integrated Payables (IP), brought to you by Mercantile Bank, can take the complexity out of those time-consuming and cumbersome tasks and create a simplified, automated payment process—easing the workload on you and your business.

What is IP and how does it work?
Integrated Payables improves the payments process for AP and finance teams by automating and incorporating multiple payment types (including virtual cards, ACH and checks), into a single, streamlined payment process. This can eliminate many of the manual tasks associated with B2B payments. IP is conducted via one secure online solution that facilitates payment processing and management, resulting in increased cost savings, improved visibility and control.

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