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How Do Fintechs Help With The Cost Of Living And Remain Viable Businesses?

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The concept of using technology to help the underserved to improve or manage their financial positions is not new. There are panels on the subject at nearly every fintech event, numerous reports have been produced, and many people who are genuinely passionate about it. However, companies in this space, and there are a lot of them, remain largely under the radar.

These companies are needed now more than ever as cost of living crises bite across the world and services which have historically been provided by charities are cut due to budget constraints. But, serious questions remain as to how private companies can scale to support as many people as possible while becoming successful businesses.

Visibility Issues

One of the biggest hurdles businesses aiming to serve the underserved face is raising awareness of their products and services among their target audiences.

Many potential customers can’t be accessed by the cheapest and most widespread channels, namely digital options like social media. That’s because people who are struggling financially are often from minority communities, and/or suffer from mental or physical health conditions

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