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How IBM aims to support innovation in the fintech sector


There are a few things that we’re doing in this space. Most of our clients want to work with fintechs but they’re also aware of some of the risks of doing that, so they’re coming to us to help them partly ‘de-risk’ the fintech ecosystem.

For example, venture builder firms we’re working with who are at the stage where they haven’t picked a platform, we will work with them. We’ve got other big banks saying, “I’ve got a stable of fintechs and I’ve invested in them, but I can’t actually get them onboarded because they don’t meet my security requirements. Can you come and help us in that regard?”

We’re also running a bunch of start-up programmes as well, helping fintechs navigate this, but we also provide a lot more help in terms of the regulations and things that they won’t necessarily have enough skills for. There’s a whole suite of things we’re doing in the fintech space that people might not necessarily expect us to be doing.

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