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Reimagining the Power of Self-Service: How to Deliver CX to the Digital Doorstep

The world of customer experience (CX) has shifted, with most customers now preferring self‐service to live agent assistance. The pandemic has accelerated this process, creating an urgent need for companies to accommodate their customers with quick and effective interaction options. Since customers expect instant gratification, digital transformation is imperative for brands to stay competitive.

However, self-service channels often lack the technologies needed to meet customers where they want in the digital world. Only 18% of customers rate digital/self-service CX as features they would promote, which is much lower than how they rated robotics (41.2%) and artificial intelligence (AI) (34.8%). Many of today’s self-service solutions are not meeting customer expectations because of limited capabilities, misunderstood or misdirected inquiries, and absent personalization.

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