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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency CPAs—Evolution of the Profession


The irony about needing accountants who understand digital assets is that blockchains themselves are transaction ledgers with automated record-keeping—a blockchain is a giant check register. The technical properties of blockchains means data can never be deleted, only added or read, while transactions and balances can be instantly verified with 100% certainty through the protocols themselves. […]

Burgeoning blockchain pilots to prove value in clinical trials


Acceleration of decentralisation and digital technologies during the Covid-19 pandemic brought new challenges to safe data management. While current data processes are prone to duplication and need manual verification, new technologies, such as blockchain, are being tested the clinical trial industry. Triall, a blockchain-integrated eClinical platform provider, recently announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to advance clinical […]

Business owners should get off PayPal and move to the blockchain


Do you believe that in five years every second transaction in e-commerce will be settled on blockchain? No? Well, that’s what people thought of plastic credit cards versus cash a few decades ago when it came to traditional stores. There is no doubt that Web3 will drastically transform the way e-commerce operates. Using cryptocurrency payments […]

Africa can create an inclusive society with blockchain, says LBank CEO


As one of the most populated continents, Africa continues to be an important target for blockchain proponents, as adoption in the region could significantly impact the broader crypto economy.  In an interview with Cointelegraph, Allen Wei, CEO of crypto exchange LBank, explained that blockchain could significantly impact Africa. Moreover, Wei highlighted that adoption within the […]