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Extreme Digital Experience Makeover: Contact Center Edition

Digital-first customers leave your brand for a competitor if you don’t meet their service expectations. And their journeys often start with a Google search or in other digital channels long before speaking with agents. Can your system keep up? If not, it’s time for a digital experience makeover.  In this eBook, you’ll learn: Plan your […]

The ROI of Smart Self-Service: Using Modern Tools to Delight Modern Customers

In the latest Aberdeen research report, “The ROI of Self-Service: Using Modern Tools to Delight Modern Customers,” access key data on the value of evolving your self-service solutions and incorporating strategies such as: Access the research to refine your digital strategy. Download The ROI of Smart Self-Service: Using Modern Tools to Delight Modern Customers Whitepaper

Enlighten AI for Customer Satisfaction

What does it take to empower agents to make every customer interaction with your contact center an extraordinary experience? It takes focusing agents on the behaviors proven to influence customer satisfaction. Enlighten AI for Customer Satisfaction is a complete, out-of-the-box solution that scores agents’ soft skills on every interaction and eliminates the need for manual […]

NEVA real-time process guidance for Financial Services

Bringing People and Robots together In this video, we will demonstrate how NEVA guides the contact center agent through the ‘changing loan terms’ process, and automates their routine activities. By optimizing the loan extension request, using NEVA, the bank was able to: Watch Now

Enlighten XO: Accelerating Digital Transformation

Businesses are spending 100 times more on live service than on self-service, but when self-service channels are not working, customers are becoming frustrated. Digital channels are becoming customers’ preferred interaction points, a trend has that only accelerated with the pandemic. In 2020, according to Forrester Research, U.S. companies saw “enormous increases in self-service and digital […]

Turn Complaints into Business Opportunities with Enlighten AI

Consumer complaints have high stakes for companies, particularly those in regulated industries such as financial services. Complaints can affect an entire organization, from risk and compliance to customer service, marketing, and more.  Enlighten AI streamlines complaint management programs by identifying and classifying every interaction that contains a complaint and automating a closed-loop remediation and reporting process, […]

Reimagining the Power of Self-Service: How to Deliver CX to the Digital Doorstep

The world of customer experience (CX) has shifted, with most customers now preferring self‐service to live agent assistance. The pandemic has accelerated this process, creating an urgent need for companies to accommodate their customers with quick and effective interaction options. Since customers expect instant gratification, digital transformation is imperative for brands to stay competitive. However, […]

Turn modern customer expectations into reality with phenomenal CX

These days, consumers aren’t easily impressed. Equip your organization with the tools you need to maintain the demands and expectations of the modern customer and deliver outstanding CX. Read the report to delve deeper into these key CX-enhancing tactics: Encourage long-term loyalty with a modern CX framework

Are your customers heading in the right direction?

Customers don’t follow just one path on their journey with your brand. Often, their path is full of twists and turns, alternate routes, detours, and divergences. This mini-guide goes over the systems and tools your organization can put in place to map digital customer journeys, which enables digital and customer experience leaders to view and […]

It’s time to put AI to work to maximize each customer experience.

Advancements in AI can deliver a superior customer experience from self-service to agent-assisted interactions. The latest whitepaper from ContactBabel: “Putting AI and Automation to Work in Contact Center Operations,” highlights specific areas of AI to help reduce customer churn, maximize efficiency, and turn customers into lifelong brand advocates. Invest now in AI for CX results […]