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The guide to being a successful retirement income planner

As a retirement planner, you’re helping to build your clients’ futures. To ensure your client is on the road to success, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips for all financial planners offering retirement services. The Guide to Being a Successful Retirement Income Planner addresses the ways in which financial planners can best prepare their clients for relaxation […]

Sustainable Production and Distribution: A Food Industry Playbook

Consumers have already made lifestyle changes to protect the environment, like using metal straws and reusable bags. Now, their focus has expanded into more sustainable food choices – and they are actively seeking brands that prioritize lower emissions and ethical practices. But becoming a sustainable food producer or distributor is a complex, multi-layered process. It […]

Aptean Global Food and Beverage Forecast

Digital transformation (DX) is no longer a goal for food and beverage companies; it’s a reality. 99% of organizations are now in the process of digitally transforming their operations, and almost 1 in 5 have already completed digital transformation projects and are using the data to influence their decisions. Get Started

Dealing with Disruptions in the Food and Beverage Industry

While part of this problem must be addressed at a more fundamental level by shifting our approaches to purchasing and distribution—including the advisable measure of working locally where possible to avoid long travel times and limits on international trade—the right software platform can also be a powerful asset on this front. The supply chain visibility […]

Change the world. Sooner.

The Ultimate Guide to Sparkrock 365 for Nonprofit Organizations. If your Nonprofit organization is typical, you use many applications for finance, human resources, scheduling, payroll and reporting. These systems don’t talk to each other. Everyone on your staff works in their own little silo. Which means you are continually concerned about the integrity and accuracy […]

Accounts payable automation benefits

Learn facts and best practices by leading analysts for selecting a solution provider. Keep up with the times–and your cash flow–by automating AP processes. Learn how to reduce costs, save time, and improve visibility with automated invoice processing built for SAP. In this white paper from ReadSoft, discover why companies are evolving from manual processes […]