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Dancing in the Rain


“Dancing in the Rain” – a new cartoon that illustrates how different companies are dealing with the onset of the recession. This week the US technically went into a recession, recording two consecutive quarters of declining growth. The last six months have seen a steady deterioration of confidence by tech business leaders built on a […]

What comes after cashless?


When was the last time you went into a shop and paid with cash? More and more of us are ditching our wallets, and with them the use of physical cards and pin numbers. The pandemic accelerated the transition to a cashless society globally, but we have been heading in that direction for quite some […]

Will digital payments be the future for all? Here’s what top experts have to say


Over the years, the Indian government, public sector and private firms have helped digital payments gain traction in the country. There has been an accelerated financial inclusion with more and more people being covered under the Indian banking system. Government initiatives such as Jan Dhan Yojana, Aadhaar and Mobile number – also called the JAM […]

Five ways to build a strong fintech startup in a downturn


Chirag Shah is the CEO of Nucleus – a financial services fintech startup based in London, that harnesses AI and ML to power its services. The fintech offers a one-of-a-kind CRM hub called myNucleus, which enables introducers to upload deals, track their progress, and provide their clients with a decision in just minutes. To date, Nucleus has received over 30,000 […]

Sustainable Production and Distribution: A Food Industry Playbook

Consumers have already made lifestyle changes to protect the environment, like using metal straws and reusable bags. Now, their focus has expanded into more sustainable food choices – and they are actively seeking brands that prioritize lower emissions and ethical practices. But becoming a sustainable food producer or distributor is a complex, multi-layered process. It […]

Modernise, Optimise, Strategise: How to Thrive During Food & Beverage Market Turbulence

The operational agility of UK food and beverage manufacturers has been tested to the limit in recent Since the start of 2020 we’ve experienced a global pandemic, fuel shortages, staffing and skills shortages, energy price increases, several extreme weather events, and multiple policy changes as a result of Brexit. These forces have impacted both ingredient […]

Understanding the Risks and Rewards of P2P Lending in Fintech 

alternative financing model has gained popularity among consumers and investors alike due to its convenience, transparency, and competitive interest rates. However, like any financial innovation, P2P lending comes with its own set of risks and rewards.

Energy Efficiency in Networks: Paving the Path to a Sustainable Digital Era

Summary Energy Efficiency in Networks: Paving the Path to a Sustainable Digital Era Join us for an exclusive webinar as Nokia delves into the crucial topic of energy efficiency in networks. In today’s dynamic market, AI-driven solutions are gaining traction; they’re shaping the way CSPs can reduce their carbon footprint and run sustainable network and […]


Punctual, Professional, Reliable…the three qualities I want in a car service and Royal provides them all with excellence. Alex runs a great organization with a personal touch. Every driver we have had has been on time or early, extremely courteous & helpful, and very considerate of our time and needs. Download MODERN TRANSPORTATION & CLASSIC […]

Digital Finance: Where Business and Next-Generation Technology Intersect

The pandemic accelerated the need for transformation. The proliferating volume of data is transforming businesses. There is more data than ever, posing unique challenges for CFOs. Finance teams need to draw on information from all parts of the business to make decisions quickly. Drive value for your organization with cloud-based systems. Siloed data and legacy […]