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Driving Success Through Employee Experience

In today’s dynamic work landscape, technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the employee experience. When organizations provide employees with the right technology, they create a work environment that’s less stressful, more supportive, and conducive to autonomy and creativity. Microsoft Surface devices are designed to adapt seamlessly to the diverse ways people work—elevating the employee […]

Intelligent Apps Lessons Learned

See how companies are using intelligent apps to get to market faster, differentiate their products and services, and create scalable solutions. Read the e-book Intelligent Apps Lessons Learned to get an overview of what intelligent apps are—and explore real-world examples of brands that are using them successfully. Read the e-book to: Download Intelligent Apps Lessons Learned Whitepaper

Enhance your apps with AI

AI is everywhere. Once the sole domain of researchers and institutions, this technology has emerged in a wide variety of areas, including network infrastructure, platforms, and services. With AI, software developers now have the means to build a variety of intelligent solutions. This report, A Developer’s Guide to Building AI Applications, Second Edition, lets you check […]

Webinar: Accelerate Revenue Generation with Dynamics 365

To accelerate revenue generation, it is important for sales leaders to empower sellers with next-generation AI and transform the way sellers work, as well as to deliver truly personalized, responsive, and connected customer journeys. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Dynamics 365 enables you to: Speaker: Shin-Yi Lim Senior Product Marketing Manager Download Webinar: Accelerate […]

The Future of Sales: Elevating Customer Connection and Productivity with AI

Sellers often find themselves pulled in multiple directions with not enough time to focus on what matters most—fully engaging with customers, managers, and other sellers. Read The Future of Sales: Elevating Customer Connection and Productivity with AI to discover how sellers can accomplish more in less time using AI-assisted tools, such as conversation intelligence and generative AI […]

The AI Advantage: Driving sales performance with next-generation tools

From cutting down repetitive tasks to connecting data to continuously optimizing performance—AI helps sellers create momentum and crush sales. Read The AI Advantage to find out how AI supports sales teams throughout their day. You’ll learn how sellers use AI to eliminate inefficiencies and elevate customer experiences, along with tips on choosing which next-generation AI tools best […]

What is finance process automation

Benefits, Challenges, and Getting Started Running a business requires managing a complex set of processes to ensure that money moves around in the necessary ways internally, and that external stakeholders are paid quickly. For many businesses, especially those that use various tools and software in their operations, finance processes may feel automated. But when you […]

Dancing in the Rain


“Dancing in the Rain” – a new cartoon that illustrates how different companies are dealing with the onset of the recession. This week the US technically went into a recession, recording two consecutive quarters of declining growth. The last six months have seen a steady deterioration of confidence by tech business leaders built on a […]

Right message. Right person. Right time. Right now.

Financial services has been trying for ages to actually deliver one-to-one customer experiences at scale. Technology has finally caught up. Download Right message. Right person. Right time. Right now Whitepaper

How legal professionals manage matters remotely

When working from home, legal professionals who are used to traditional software and work models are in uncharted waters, navigating everything from technical challenges to distractions of at-home life. This article explores how you can consolidate your legal software, relieve frustration and elevate your team remotely. Managing legal matters remotely presents a host of challenges […]